Hvilke oppfatninger har barnehagelærerstudenter om omsorg?

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Kristin Rydjord Tholin


The purpose of this study is to examine student’s thoughts, perceptions and understandings about care in kindergarten in the beginning at the kindergarten teacher education. The research question is: What discourses of care can we identify in kindergarten students' texts? Care is a basic value in kindergarten teacher education and a key word in The Norwegian Kindergarten Act (Ministry of Education, 2005). The study was carried out by collecting texts from 65 students. Methodological perspectives was linked to discourse and conventional content analysis. The theoretical perspectives in the study builds on Fisher and Tronto (1990) and Noddings (2013). Analysis provides insight into following result; execute-, need-, recipient- and love discourses. The article discuss implication for teaching in kindergarten teacher education.

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Tholin, K. (2019). Hvilke oppfatninger har barnehagelærerstudenter om omsorg?. Educare - Vetenskapliga Skrifter, (3), 1 - 16. https://doi.org/10.24834/educare.2019.3.1