The current issue consists of eight articles covering diverse aspects of educational issues such as mother tongue teachers’ perspectives on interdisciplinary collaboration with mainstream and special educational needs teachers, how mothers support their children’s literacy development during the first year in primary school, how students in preschool teacher education perceive the role of popular culture in preschool education, the effects of implementing a model for analysis of multimodal texts, a deeper understanding of conditions for students’ subject-specific reading comprehension in civic education, the potential to encompass questions about transgender and gender fluid identity in the school subject visual art in compulsory years 7-9, how courses in teaching and learning of mathematics create conditions for preservice teachers to develop professional knowledge relating to mathematical subject knowledge and pedagogical mathematical knowledge in preschool and primary teacher education and how assessment of the English subject is presented in curricula from Sweden and Finland at the lower and upper secondary levels.

Published: 2023-12-20