Ingegerd Tallberg Broman 5
Child Perspectives and Children’s Perspectives – a Concern for Teachers in Preschool
Susanne Thulin and Agneta Jonsson 13
Democracy in Research Circles to Enable New Perspectives on Early Childhood Education and Didactics
Annika Månsson and Lena Rubinstein Reich 39
Children's Use of Everyday Mathematical Concepts to Describe, Argue and Negotiate Order of Turn
Mats Bevemyr 63
Socialisation Tensions in the Swedish Preschool Curriculum ‒ The Case of Mathematics
Dorota Lembrér and Tamsin Meaney 89
Inviting Small Children to Dialogue – Scaffolding and Challenging Conversational Skills
Barbro Bruce 107
Rethinking ‘Method’ in Early Childhood Writing Education
Carina Hermansson, Tomas Saar and Christina Olin-Scheller 121
Didactics for Life?
Camilla Löf 147

Published: 2019-07-31