Georgiska: Grammatisk översikt med texter och ordlista

Karina Vamling
Revaz Tchantouria

The publication is an overview (in Swedish) of Georgian grammar with texts, reference tables and Georgian/Swedish wordlists. It also includes audio files and exercises. All Georgian texts and examples are given in Georgian script with parallel Latin transliteration.

The material was originally written in 1988 for the first Georgian course at Lund University and later became the basis for the online Georgian course “Georgian I” currently offered at Malmö University. The book is published in connection with the 20 years anniversary of the online course 2001-2021.

NOTE: To read the book and listen to the embedded audio files you need an epub3 reader, such as Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 (available for free at:

ISBN 978-91-7877-215-5

Published: 2021-09-24