Participatory development communication: between rhetoric and reality


  • Soledad Muñiz


Does Participatory Development Communication (PDC) create dialogue and empowerment? This is the main question that the research I carried out for my dissertation at the University of Reading in 2008 searched to answer. My analysis of PDC as a phenomenon within communication for development focused on community-based level interventions in Latin America and Africa, which use participatory video or participatory photography and group discussion as the main tools of action with the intention to create dialogue and empowerment. This article reflects on some of my research findings.

Author Biography

Soledad Muñiz

Soledad comes from the communication field, with experience in communication strategy in diverse organisations in Argentina. After doing an MSc in Communication for Innovation and Development at the University of Reading (UK), she became increasingly interested in participatory communication. Since 2009, she has been working for InsightShare, an organisation pioneering participatory video for social change, as an Associate. See For the full dissertation, e-mail: smuniz(at)