Book critique by Skype: academics take on practitioners


  • Wendy Quarry
  • Ricardo Ramirez


When you publish you feel a bit exposed. If you write in a personal style it feels like you are sharing your personal journal with people you don’t know. You cannot help but wonder how your writing will be received. Last year we published a book that is both personal and reflective: Communication for another development: Listening before telling (Zed Books, 2009). By doing this, we knew we were laying ourselves open to all kinds of review. Mostly (phew), we can say the experience has not been too stressful. In July 2010 we were asked to join the IAMCR congress to take place in Braga, Portugal for a panel discussion of our book. On one end: Thomas Jacobson (School of Communications and Theater, Temple University, US), Thomas Tufte (Roskilde University, Denmark), and Karin Wilkins (University of Texas at Austin, US). Also a panelist was one practitioner, Silvia Balit, formerly responsible for FAO’s program of communication for development (based in Italy).

Author Biographies

Wendy Quarry

Wendy Quarry has worked in development communication for over 25 years for various aid agencies (CIDA, World Bank, UNICEF, FAO and UNDP), governments and NGOs, facilitating initiatives across sectors.

Ricardo Ramirez

Ricardo Ramirez has over 20 years’ experience in Communication for Development -in the UN system, NGOs, consulting and academia.