Reflections on MA thesis work on Communication for Development


  • Anders Høg Hansen


This essay is a review of experiences with coordinating the final thesis or Degree Project course (15 ECTS) that completes the MA in Communication or Development at Malmö University, as well as a look into the future. The essay contains reflections on the particularities of ComDev ‘trekking’. The program and the majority of the degree projects have a strong focus on communication interventions specifically in contexts of development/social change. This has given the new and interdisciplinary subject area a strong orientation leading to many innovative degree projects. However, some degree projects also struggle with how to handle an ambitious body of empirical field research material and reaching theoretical depth in the analysis.

Author Biography

Anders Høg Hansen

Anders Høg Hansen has an MA and PhD in cultural studies, University of East London and Nottingham Trent University. He has been a researcher in Museum Studies at University of Leicester and then since 2005 a senior lecturer at Malmö University, primarily involved in the MA in Communication for Development. He did his PhD on alternative education for youth in Israel and his research has continued to be concerned with issues of communal memory and change in artistic, educational and social activity.