My ICA 2013: Navigating the London conference in a quest for Development Communication… and beyond


  • Valentina Baú


The International Communication Association (ICA) Conference 2013 took place in London from 17th st to 21June. The London Metropole Hilton hosted almost 600 sessions, for a total of approximately 2195 presentations. All of the meeting rooms of the hotel, one of the biggest in the British capital, were booked by the ICA, which saw its largest conference happening this year, with a number of participants close to 3.000.

As a development communication researcher with a strong interest in this field of study, I decided to navigate my way around the hundreds of panels scheduled in the conference programme by attending those that I felt were closer to this discipline. Some overtly covered topics related to devcomm; others carried ideas that could be related to that field or simply touched upon development and/or experiences from the Global South. For those like me, fascinated by the use of media and communication in contexts of development, here is my ICA 2013 journey.

Author Biography

Valentina Baú

Valentina Baú is a PhD candidate at Macquarie University (Sydney, Australia). Over the past 7years, her work has focused on the use of communication in development; she has collaborated with different NGOs, the United Nations and the Italian Development Cooperation. She has lived and worked in various African countries. At present, her research looks into the use of Communication for Development in Peacebuilding, particularly through the use of participatory media.