Music, movements and conflict

  • Anders Høg Hansen


This article introduces a research project to be used in a larger study that aims to investigate how around-the-globe musical practices have become tied up with political movements and functioned as conflict-coping mechanisms in contexts of social and political upheaval. A series of historical as well as recent cases are explored in this preliminary study, drawing from research undertaken separately on Solentiname Islands, Nicaragua (by Mery A. Pérez), Zanzibar, Tanzania (by Shani Omari), Australia (by Lesley J. Pruitt) and from the USA (the author). This piece in particular is concerned with the different musical movement’s engagement with tradition and change.

Author Biography

Anders Høg Hansen
Anders Høg Hansen has a PhD in cultural studies and initially researched alternative educational projects for youth in Israel. Cultural heritage and public memory has been focal points over the years. More recently he has engaged in studies of music and movements. He is involved with the MA in Communication for Development at Malmö University. E-mail: