Looking back, looking forward: on the renewal of CSC theory

  • Pradip Thomas


One of the interesting developments over the last decade in communication and social change theory is the beginnings of efforts to engage with theoretical traditions and concerns that have not typically provided frameworks for understanding CSC. The special issue of Glocal Times (2012) simultaneously published with the Nordicom Review with its articles on causumerism and the politics of international development is perhaps the best example available of new thinking in the field.

Author Biography

Pradip Thomas
Pradip Ninan Thomas is affiliated with the School of Communication and Arts, University of Queensland. He has written extensively on issues related to communication and social change -most recently, he co-authored (with Elske van de Fliert) Interrogating the Theory and Practice of Communication for Social Change: The Basis for a Renewal (Palgrave, 2015). E-mail: pradip.thomas@uq.edu.au