Another fine mess: communicative ecologies, Glocal Times and me

  • Hugo Boothby


Congratulations to Glocal Times! Time to celebrate 10 years of the Communication for Development programme’s (ComDev) web magazine. Indeed we have a number of important anniversaries in 2015: in the autumn the programme will mark 15 years, while I myself will have racked up a more modest five years on the teaching staff -five years that have been intense, productive and rewarding; a fortuitous time to be working with a programme that goes from strength to strength.

Author Biography

Hugo Boothby
Hugo Boothby is a Lecturer at Malmö University's Communication for Development Master's programme. Before coming to Malmö he worked for 10 years with the BBC World Service Radio in London as a sound engineer, radio producer and broadcast journalist. He worked extensively with the BBC's African and Arabic Services and on secondment to US National Public Radio. E-mail: