A breath of fresh air


  • Silvia Balit


Reading the first issues of Glocal Times back in 2005 was like a breath of fresh air, coming as I was from years of institutional communication within the UN system.  I found articles submitted by colleagues and pioneers of communication for development, well known to me. But, more important were submissions by graduate students, representatives of NGOs and scholars from developed but also developing countries. A good mix from civil society, and the themes covered were timely but also original: You would never find in a UN publication a piece on “mediated and non mediated communication of Filipino au pairs in Denmark”. True to its mission, the publication is thought provoking and an original forum for ideas and issues related to communication for development and social change.

Author Biography

Silvia Balit

Silvia Balit, from Italy, is a Communication for Development consultant. Together with the late Colin Fraser she pioneered ComDev activities in the Food and Agroculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) in 1969, and was Chief of FAO's ComDev program from 1984 to 1998.  E-mail: Silvia.Balit@gmail.com