C4D over ten years

  • Jackie Davies


I was a late comer to C4D. Only when I started the Master's in communication for development at Malmö in 2005 did I discover there was a world of theory and people and background in this area that I had been working on incognito most of my working life.

That had been the case for a lot of us. C4D had been under wraps, unnamed for a long time and to date it's still not easy to figure out why. Because when you are presented with it as a coherent sector with its history, core readings, gurus and strategies it seems logical as a sector, rather than the sort of thing that should be kept secret because it somehow is too complex or challenging to name.

Author Biography

Jackie Davies
Jackie Davies, a ComDev alumna, is the founder of The C4D Network. E-mail: jackie.davies@c4d.org.