Malmö was the start of an incredibly fulfilling journey for me


  • Rasna Warah


I vividly remember that day in May of 2002 when Oscar Hemer, the head of the Communication for Development (ComDev) Program at Malmö University, sent me an email telling me that I had been selected for the Masters degree programme at the university.  I was in my office in Nairobi, having had a particularly frustrating day, and contemplating whether a career in the United Nations was really worth the trouble. Oscar’s email jolted me. I felt a rush of adrenaline followed by a sobering reality check. After having been accepted by several universities to do post-graduate degrees, I inevitably had to decline the offers because I simply couldn’t raise the fees.


Author Biography

Rasna Warah

Rasna Warah is a Kenyan writer and photojournalist. She writes a weekly column for the Daily Nation, Kenya’s largest newspaper, and is the author of four non-fiction books: Triple Heritage(1998); Red Soil and Roasted Maize (2011); Mogadishu Then and Now (2012) and War Crimes (2014). She has also edited the anthology called Missionaries, Mercenaries and Misfits (2008) that critiques the aid industry in East Africa. Email: