On seeking and sharing info


  • Linda Karlsson


There is no doubt we’re living in a time when we expect most things to be available in an instant and with no barriers. When searching the internet for information to support your studies or your research, you want it to be an easy and seamless process, but you’re at risk of stumbling on many steps.


Getting access to the information is one of them. Some of the difficulties come from technical and copyright protection issues. Others have to do with library acquisitions' models and the limits of platforms and search systems. A defining aspect of the type of access you can get access is whether or not you belong to an institution, company or organization that can afford to provide a tailored collection of licensed information resources.

Author Biography

Linda Karlsson

Linda Karlsson is a librarian specialized in digital services at Malmö University. She is especially interested in communication, usability, information literacy and ICT & learning in Higher Education. E­mail: linda.karlsson@mah.se