ADVOCATING FOR HIV VACCINES. A communications framework

  • César Bazán


In your opinion, does HIV prevention work or not? Figures show that the epidemic will become even worse than the current annual pace of 5 million people contracting HIV and other 3 million dying due to AIDS (UNAIDS, 2003). Given the fact that redressing the social determinants of HIV/AIDS has been showing critical deficiencies to halt this epidemic, a highly effective and affordable HIV vaccine is the biggest hope we have to stop the spread of HIV. Based on this rationale, the question is: what can communicators do to accelerate the development of this vaccine?

Author Biography

César Bazán
MA, MSc. Research Associate at the Social Sciences Research Unit, Institute of Education, University of London. His research interests include social inequalities and HIV/AIDS. This article is based on his Master thesis of the same title (May 2004)