ALTERNATIVE MEDIA AND THE GLOBAL POPULAR. Youth and popular culture in Zimbabwe


  • Nkosi Ndlela


Youth in Africa live and constitute their identities in a world

increasingly shaped by the global communication networks and global consumption patterns flowing through the mass media. Yet, in Zimbabwe, there has been a conceited policy since 2000 to dewesternize the mainstream media and communication systems through various measures, including restrictions on international content in the broadcasting media, monopolisation of the airwaves and a general re-orientation of the country’s cultural policies. This article explores how the Zimbabwean urban youth have respondedto that paradigm shift in the country’s media and communication policies. How do they negotiate the restrictions on cultural flows and consumption patterns imposed by the restrictive media environment?

Author Biography

Nkosi Ndlela

Nkosi Ndlela is an Associate Professor in Media Studies at Hedmark University College in Norway and holds a doctorate from University of Oslo. Prior to that he was lecturer in the Post-Graduate media and communication programme at the University of Zimbabwe.