Critical perspectives on changing media environments in the Global South


  • Poul Erik Nielsen


The main aim of this article is to give a general overview and theoretically discuss how significant changes in the media landscapes in Global South countries alter existing spaces and create new spaces for political and socio-cultural exchange, thus changing the complex interrelationship between media and society. Knowing that media is only one of many aspects in current societal changes, the focus will be more on the interrelationship between media and society and less on other aspects like globalization, education and political reforms. At the macro level, the article will discuss how the changes in the media landscape continuously alter the power balance between state, civil society and market. At the meso level, these changes will be discussed in relation to the development of the different media and of a variety of new locally specific media environments, which create new spaces for political and socio-cultural exchange. Finally, at the micro level, the changing patterns of every day media use by ordinary people will be discussed.

Author Biography

Poul Erik Nielsen

Poul Erik Nielsen is Associate Professor at the Department of Aesthetics and Communication, Aarhus University, Denmark. This article is based on a paper presented at the Nordmedia 2013 Conference held in Oslo, Norway. E-mail: