Establishing Networks of Change: The Second International Encounter of Graduate Programs in Communication, Development and Social Change


  • Mery Perez


This paper provides a reflection on the second encounter of graduate programs in communication, held in Bogotá on August 26 and 27, 2014 and highlights the University of Guelph’s contribution and initiatives in the field.  It explores the perspectives on communication that were reflected throughout the encounter and the processes that facilitated the establishment of “Redecambio”, a network of academic collaboration in this area of knowledge.  This encounter proved to be an opportunity to remember history and look to the future with hope and solidarity.  Organized as a homage to Bolivian journalist and communication theorist Ramiro Beltrán, his theories and accomplishments were a source of inspirations for the university’s students as well as for the international guests.  Beltrán’s Latin American perspectives on communication as an interactive, social and democratic process fostered an environment of dialogue that facilitated international participation and collaboration.

Keywords: Communication for development, University of Guelph, engaged learning, Redecambio.

Author Biography

Mery Perez

Mery Perez is a doctoral student in the Rural Studies program at the School of Environmental Design and Rural Development, University of Guelph.  Her research looks at the role of music as communication for social and environmental change. E-mail: